Music of Jose Serebrier

The Early Works

Music of Jose Serebrier

PHCD144  |   Phoenix CD

Name Credit
Jose Serebrier Jose Serebrier Composer-Conductor
Carole Farley Carole Farley Soprano
Lucas Drew Lucas Drew Double Bass




  1. Saxophone Quartet (1955)
  2. Six on TV (1973)
  3. Erotica (1968)
  4. Canine Suite (1957),
  5. A Little Music (1955)
  6. George and Muriel (1986)
  7. Dorothy and Carmine! (1991)


The Australian Saxophone Quartet                                                              Saxophone Quartet (1955)

Carole Farley, soprano                                                                                        Erotica (1968)

The Australian Wind Virtuosi                                                                          A Little Music (1955)

Lucas Drew-Doublebass, Festival Miami Doublebass Ensemble    George and Muriel (1986)

Festival Miami Chorus, Donald Oglesby-director

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Jose Serebrier-conductor       Dorothy and Carmine!


The renown conductor Jose Serebrier is presented on this disc in his other role, that of composer. For the most part these are early works of Maestro Serebrier with the “Saxophone Quartet” and “Pequena Musica” (A Little Music) dating from 1955. The “Suite Canina” (Canine Suite) dates from 1957. “George and Muriel” and “Dorothy and Carmine!” are the most recent works dating 1986 and 1991 respectively.