Brass Quintet on Original Sea Shanties
A Solemn Music
Overture for a Shakespeare Comedy
Essay for Euphonium and Strings
Song for Strings


PHCD186  |   Phoenix CD

Name Credit
Jeffrey Kaufman Jeffrey Kaufman Composer
Houston Brass  Quintet Houston Brass Quintet Ensemble
Jerome Summers Jerome Summers Clarinet
Robert Kortgaard Robert Kortgaard Piano
Evelyne Luest Evelyne Luest Piano
Harris Simon Harris Simon Piano
David Zerkel David Zerkel Euphonium
Levon Ambartsumian Levon Ambartsumian Conductor
 ARCO Chamber Orchestra ARCO Chamber Orchestra String Ensemble
Susan LaFever Susan LaFever Organ
Carolyn  Enger Carolyn Enger Piano




Brass Quintet On Original Sea Shanties

  1.  Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
  2. Overture For A Shakespeare Comedy
  3. Brass Quintet On Original Sea Shanties
  4. A Solemn Music
  5. Long and Lazy; Fast and Furious;
  6. Essay For Euphonium and String Orchestra;
  7. Song For Strings


Jerome Summers, clarinet                        Sonata for Clarinet and Piano

Quintet a Pois                                                  Overture For A Shakespeare Comedy

The Houston Brass Quintet                       Brass Quintet On Original Sea Shanties

Susan LaFever, organ                                  A Solemn Music

Carolyn Enger, piano                                   A Solemn Music

Harris Simon,   piano                                   Long and Lazy 

Evelyne Luest,    piano                                 Fast and Furious

David Zerkel, euponium                             Essay For Euphonium and String Orchestra;

                                                                                Song For Strings

ARCO Chamber Orchestra,

Levon Ambartusmian, conductor


BRASS QUINTET ON ORIGINAL SEA SHANTIES is Vol. 2 of “chamber works” of Jeffrey Kaufman. The album features the 3 movement “Brass Quintet on Original Sea Shanties” performed by The Houston Brass Quintet; his Clarinet Sonata performed by Jerome Summers and Robert Kortgaard; The “Overture For A Shakespeare Comedy” for woodwind quintet; the “Essay for euphonium and String Orchestra” as well as other works.