Houston Brass Quintet

Quintet, Houston Brass

Houston Brass Quintet is a chamber group in Houston with a focus on diverse music genres, collaboration in the arts community, arts education, and service to those in need in the greater Houston area. Houston Brass Quintet is a permanent part of the Houston Performing Arts and the greater Southern Region in the US. As a non-profit, the chamber ensemble plans to bring high-level chamber music to those who may not normally get that exposure.

Promoting music education through performance, school clinics, and outreach programs for youth who otherwise would not have the opportunity to pursue music, HBQ supports local schools Houston wide. Through performances, offering clinics and coaching, the Houston Brass Quintet extends its audience to a young demographic that would not normally experience chamber music.

Finally, the chamber ensemble will have separate events designed specifically for our immobile citizens of Houston, assisting the ever expanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia community. By partnering with other non-profits, retirement communities, and specialized nursing facilities, we hope to serve the Houston community of all ages. As HBQ builds a reputation, it should be a reputation set on honesty, caring, and well-deserved praise.

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