WILLIAM BOLCOM Works for Orchestra

Fifth Symphony
Violin Concerto in D
Fantasia Concertante

WILLIAM BOLCOM Works for Orchestra

phcd164  |   Phoenix CD

Name Credit
William  Bolcom William Bolcom Composer
Denis Russell Davies Denis Russell Davies Conductor
 American Composers Orchestra American Composers Orchestra Orchestra
Sergiu Luca Sergiu Luca Violin
Eugene Moye Eugene Moye Cello




  1. Fifth Symphony
  2. Violin Concerto in D
  3. Fantasia Concertante

American Composers Orchestra

Dennis Russell Davies, conductor

Sergiu Luca, violin  

Janet Lyman Hill, viola    

Eugene Moye, cello 

All three of the works on this recording owe much to Classical-period music. I don’t however consider them Neo- Classical in the 1920s -30s sense (which was usually really Neo-Baroque); here I am using some of the formal benefits of Classical harmonic construction, notably the ability to steer a whole form in a new direction on the turn of a musical card – something not usually discernible in a totally chromatic context.