Sousa Spectacular

The Eastman Wind Ensemble
Donald Hunsberger, conductor

Sousa Spectacular

PHCD132  |   Phoenix CD

Name Credit
John Phillip Sousa John Phillip Sousa Composer
Donald Hunsberger Donald Hunsberger Conductor
The Eastman Wind  Ensemble The Eastman Wind Ensemble Performers


John Phillip Sousa 

  1. Semper Fidelis,
  2. The High School Cadets,
  3. The Washington Post,
  4. Jack Tar,
  5. The Loyal Legion,
  6. Anchor and Star,
  7. The Stars and Stripes Forever,
  8. El Capitan,
  9. Liberty Bell,
  10. Comrades of the Legion,
  11. The Corcoran Cadets,
  12. King Cotton,
  13. Hail to the Spirit of Liberty,
  14. The Thunderer


The Eastman Wind Ensemble     

Donald Hunsberger, conductor 

It has now been almost nine years since I somehow fell into the pleasant job of being Fanfare’s “Sousa man.” What started it all off was the record “Sousa Spectacular” (now on compact disc), by Donald Hunsberger and the Eastman Wind Ensemble, that I reviewed in Fanfare. Since then a good many Sousa LPs and CDs have been dropped on my porch and discussed in these pages. Hunsberger’s still remains the best-for the finish and sensitivity of the playing, the beautifully blended reed-centered sound, the buoyant rhythmic continuity provided by the restrained but always evident percussion section.

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