SONGS by 20th century American Composers

SONGS by 20th century American Composers

PHCD178  |   Phoenix CD

Name Credit
Donald Gramm Donald Gramm Bass-Baritone
Mildred Miller Mildred Miller Mezzo-soprano
Eleanor Steber Eleanor Steber Soprano
John McCollum John McCollum Tenor



SONGS by 20th century American Composers


Ned Rorem

Douglas Moore

Otto Luening

Irving Fine

Charles Ives

and others


Mildred Miller, Mezzo-Soprano   Volume I Songs 1-10

Donald Gramm-Bass-Baritone     Volume I Songs 11-21

Eleanor Steber, Soprano                Volume II Songs 1-11

John McCollum, Tenor                  Volume II Songs 12-22


Volumes I and II contain 43 art songs by American composers sung by Mildred Miller, Donald Gramm, Eleanor Steber and John McCollum.

Disc 1

  1. David Mourns for Absalom (David Diamond) 2. Brigid’s Song (David Diamond) 3. Sonatina to Hans Christian (Vincent Persichetti) 4. The Divine Image (Otto Luening) 5. Love’s Secret (Otto Luening) 6. Polaroli (Irving Fine) 7. The Frog and the Snake (Irving Fine) 8. Valentine to Sherwood Anderson (William Flanagan) 9. Send Home My Long Strayed Eyes (William Flanagan) 10. Bedlam (Ned Rorem) 11. General William Booth Enters into Heaven (Charles Ives) 12. Come Away Death (Douglas Moore) 13. Calvinistic Evensong (Jack Beeson) 14. Blue Mountain Ballads (Heavenly Grass) Paul Bowles 15. Blue Mountain Ballads (Lonesome Man) Paul Bowles 16. Blue Mountain Ballads (Cabin) Paul Bowles 17. Blue Mountain Ballads (Sugar In The Cane) Paul Bowles 18. The Drummer (John Edmunds) 19. The Faucon (John Edmunds) 20. Looking-Glass River (John Alden Carpenter) 21. Jazz Boys (John Alden Carpenter)


Disc: 2

  1. Alleluia (Ned Rorem) 2. It’s all I have to bring (Ernst Bacon) 3. So Bashful (Ernst Bacon) 4. To Make A Prairie (Ernst Bacon) 5. And this of all my hope (Ernst Bacon) 6. Nuvoletta (Samuel Barber) 7. Death Be Not Proud (Douglas Moore) 8. Lullee Lullay (William Bergsma) 9. Waikiki (Charles Griffes) 10. Stopping By the Woods On A Snowy Evening (John La Montaine) 11. The Tiger (Virgil Thomson) 12. The Sea, Edward MacDowell 13. The Rose (Theodore Chanler) 14. I Rise When You Enter (Theodore Chanler) 15. Dirge In Woods (Aaron Copland) 16. Sorrow of Mydath (Robert Ward) 17. lady will you come with me into (John Gruen) 18. now (more near ourselves than we) John Gruen 19. spring is like a perhaps hand (John Gruen) 20. Slow, Slow, Fresh Fount (Daniel Pinkham) 21. Mourn, Mourn (Ben Weber) 22. The Donkey (Henry Cowell)