Flagello, Giannini, Creston

American Piano Works

Tatjana Rankovich, piano

Flagello, Giannini, Creston

American Piano Works

PHCD143  |   Phoenix CD

Name Credit
Nicolas Flagello Nicolas Flagello Composer
Paul Creston Paul Creston Composer
Vittorio Giannini Vittorio Giannini Composer
Tatjana Rankovich Tatjana Rankovich Piano



Flagello/Giannini/Creston AMERICAN PIANO WORKS


Paul Creston     

Piano Sonata, Op.9

Six Preludes, Op.38

Vittorio Giannini   

Piano Sonata (1963)

Nicolas Flagello

Two Waltzes (1953)

Piano Sonata (1962)

Tatjana Rankovich, piano   

The three American composers represented on this recording belong to the group often described as “20th-century traditionalists”—those figures who rejected most of the tenets of Modernism–especially its emphasis on originality, rational objectivity, and experimentation, and its contempt for communication as an artistic objective. Rather, the “traditionalists” viewed themselves as inheritors of a living legacy, to which they sought to make their own individual contributions, with recourse to the full range of classical forms and techniques, and with the aim of personal expression and communication. Beyond their aesthetic affinities, Creston, Giannini, and Flagello shared an Italian ancestry, and spent most of their creative lives in the environs of New York City. Creston and Giannini were approximate contemporaries, while for many years Giannini and Flagello maintained a master-apprentice relationship. Each composer is represented here by a piano sonata composed at a different phase of his respective career. Creston’s sonata is an early work, written before his language had reached maturity; Giannini’s dates from the last years of his life, when his style seemed to be charting a new course; Flagello’s sonata appeared at the midpoint of his career and the apex of his compositional development.