Copland, Creston, Zuckerman

Works for Piano

Copland, Creston, Zuckerman

PHCD149  |   Phoenix CD

Name Credit
Aaron Copland Aaron Copland Composer
Paul Creston Paul Creston Composer
Mark Zuckerman Mark Zuckerman Composer
Peter Vinograde Peter Vinograde Piano


Aaron Copland          Passacaglia

Piano Fantasy

Paul Creston              Seven Theses


Mark Zuckerman    On the Edges


Peter Vinograde,     piano

This CD features American piano virtuoso Peter Vinograde in the world premiere recordings of Paul Creston’s “Seven Theses” and “Metamorphoses”. Aaron Copland’s 1922 “Passacaglia” and his 1957 “Piano Fantasy” complete this recording together with American composer Mark Zuckerman’s formidable “On the Edges”.