Astor Piazzola, Mikhail Bronner

Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas. (The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires)
The Seasons

Astor Piazzola, Mikhail Bronner

PHCD170  |   Phoenix CD



Astor Piazzolla                   The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires

Shakhida Azimkhodjaeva, violin.
Josip Petrac, cello

Mikhail Bronner                The Seasons

Angela Jones-Reus, flute
D. Ray McClellan, clarinet

ARCO Chamber Orchestra

Levon Ambartsumian, conductor

The work pays homage to the tango of Buenos Aires (the adjective “porteñas” in the title refers to the port city – Buenos Aires) and to Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons. The suite was written for Piazzolla’s own quintet, consisting of bandoneon, violin, electric guitar, piano, and double bass. The string orchestra arrangement was made by Jose Bragato, Piazzolla’s friend, colleague, and collaborator.

“The Seasons”, a piece for for flute, clarinet and chamber orchestra, encompassing the 12 months of the year. A perfect counterpoint to Piazzola’s, it harks back to the great Russian romantics, from Tchaikovsky to Rachmaninoff and Khachaturian, of whom he is the perfect heir. Light, yet incisive, it really constitutes a great tone poem without the symphonic grandeur.