Ronald Roseman

Roseman, Ronald

Ronald Roseman (1933-2000) was an internationally acclaimed oboe soloist, chamber musician, teacher, recording artist, and composer whose career spanned over 40 years. A renowned oboist, he performed in some of America’s most influential institutions and ensembles including the New York Woodwind Quintet, the New York Philharmonic, and the New York Bach Aria Group. His contributions to 20th Century oboe pedagogy through his own unique teaching methodology enabled him to contribute to the success of both his own personal students and many others in the field of oboe and woodwind performance. His body of compositions that include oboe as well as other instruments and voice serve to encapsulate his career as a noteworthy 20th Century composer. Roseman’s musicianship and unique teaching style continues to be admired and respected worldwide by oboists and musicians. The purpose of this study is to present a biographical overview and pedagogical techniques of oboist Ronald Roseman. This study will be divided into sections about his early life, teaching career, performance career and his pedagogical influence upon his students. Exercises and techniques developed by Roseman for the enhancement of oboe pedagogy will also be included. Interviews have been conducted with his wife and three former well-known students in order to better serve the focus of this study. The author also contributed pedagogical techniques compiled during a two-year period of study with Roseman. Appendices include a discography of recorded materials, the New York Woodwind Quintet works list, Roseman’s published article on Baroque Ornamentation, a list of his compositions with premiere dates and performers, and interview questions. It is the focus of this study to enhance and further the knowledge of oboe students and teachers and serve as a historical and pedagogical reference for future generations of oboists.

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